Defending Hawaii From Nuclear Attack

Combat Ready or Not? Nuclear Attack and Hawaii

Kim Jung Un continues to develop nuclear weapon capability and delivery systems at a rapid pace.   He has repeatedly threaten a nuclear attack on the United States undoubtedly as the sole means of maintaining his totalitarian grip on the long suffering people of North Korea.

Nuclear weapons in the hands of a absolute dictator who is sacrificing North Koreans  on the alter of his own barbaric regime is a threat that needs to be dealt with vigorously and decisively.

One would think that Oahu with its history of devastating sneak attack would be first in line for anti-missile defense?  Why isn’t Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation heading en-mass to the White House and the Pentagon demanding adequate anti-missile defense for our military and civilian population?

The threat is real and the apparent reluctance to take action is something we have often seen in our history from December 7th 1941 to September 11th 2001.

This doesn’t mean there are not significant steps that can be taken to protect Oahu from another sneak attack.

Combat-ready: US considers beefing up defenses to counter N. Korea nuke threat (Follow Link to Read Full Story)

This article from January 2016 describes the Aegis Ashore System being tested at Barking Sands on Kauai.   This is the land base component of the same system used on the Aegis Class Destroyers which guard our Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups from missile attack.  The article goes on to state that only 41 million dollars is needed to bring the system to battle readiness, an incredible small cost considering the alternative!   The Aegis Ashore in combination with 2 off-shore Aegis Class Destroyers would give the system triangulation and depth and would go along way towards helping take-out incoming North Korean missiles.

Hawaii’s all Democrat delegation has to choose between the political baggage commonly associated with the left wing of the Democrat Party of “ambivalence” when it comes to national defense.   It also needs to lay aside the “resistance” to President Trump on issues of life or death consequence to Hawaii and work with the Administration to build a viable deterrent to attack.

Chinese Communist objections to Hawaii’s defense are predictable since a multi-tiered missile defense would strengthen US strategic depth in the Pacific.    Nor is there any reason to not bring the Aegis Ashore System to battle readiness as we work to develop additional and more robust anti-missile defense.

We have the responsibility of defending our islands and its people by taking our role as Republicans and citizens of the Great Republic seriously.

If our political leadership will not address this threat, we must put new people into office who will take action to prevent a disaster exceeding the attack on Pearl Harbor by an unimaginable magnitude.

Paul Mossman

Paul Mossman

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