Giving Hawaiians What Belongs to Them


Just as Democrats argue for collective rights and privileges, Republican’s counter with the need to defend and secure individual rights and Constitutional liberties.  This emphasis on the individual hardly precludes using the efficiency found in uniting for collective action but, such action needs to be guided in a manner suiting the best interest of the individuals it’s called upon to benefit.

The whole point of Constitutional government is to thwart the drive to consolidate power while at the same time to emphasize that individuals have the ability, particularly when acting in concert with others, to work to control their own destiny.

For the GOP in Hawaii the idea that those of Hawaiian ancestry who have combined land and financial assets held under the Department of Hawaiian Homelands and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs are so inept as to need a government bureaucracy to endlessly administrate those assets, should be particularly galling.

Land and money always represent power and for the State of Hawaii it represents more control over the assets and lives of others.  People hold assets in common world wide without a government mediator using the corporate structure.   Corporations can administrate and develop assets for their shareholders in a manner that is the source of much of the US and international wealth.

As well a process to achieve a corporate structure for administrating Hawaiian assets for the benefit of those of Hawaiian ancestry (as shareholders)  has already been tried and proven in the form of the Alaskan Native Claims Act which created corporate governance for 200 Alaskan natives tribes and 13 shareholder controlled Regional Corporations.

It fits the government of the people, by the people, and for the people mandate for Republican’s in Hawaii to pursue the enriching and empowerment of Hawaiian’s by working to help them achieve economic control of the assets rightly belonging to those of native Hawaiian ancestry.

Click Here for More Information on the Native Hawaiian Corporation Concept>> 

Paul Mossman

Paul Mossman

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