The Republican Party of Honolulu County Central Committee and the Party of Lincoln

Who is the GOP?

Nothing is more confusing for the general public in Hawaii than determining what animates the Republican Party.   Year by year seems to bring new rancor and heated rhetoric that has little impact on the daily life of Hawaii’s citizens.   What does matter is if there is a driving force behind the GOP for governing these islands and whether that force is both effective and if it can be modified to win in the political arena.

Political parties can be considered as a bundle of habits and managerial styles (much like families) which are passed from generation to generation.  Each generation may choose to add, subtract and modify those habits but still there is a surprising continuity particularly if it is effective politically.

The GOP was birthed as a reaction to slavery, much of which was actively supported by the Democrat Party both in the North and the South.   This drive for abolition elected the first Republican president which if anything constitutes what should be an example for the Republican Party in Hawaii and nation wide it should be President Lincoln.

“With Malice Towards None”

It cannot be underestimated the importance of Lincoln impact on US and world history.   His moral authority carried the nation through a civil war the fury of which has shattered other nations in similar circumstances.   One can only contemplate, with dread, what may have been the future for the world in the twentieth century without Lincoln’s commitment to the Union.   An America which tolerated slavery until it became financially unsustainable or a divided America  between North and South would  have made the advance of fascism and tyranny far easier.

“And Charity For All”

In spite of the enormous stakes relating to the outcome of the civil war Lincoln first and foremost recognized his bitter enemies in a way like wayward family members.   He understood the genius of the Constitution was is ability build unity in a world that has been generally ruled by malice and deceit and the only way to avoid a decent back into the maelstrom was to reach out to his opponents.  It was from this ethical and moral high ground Lincoln constantly reached to appeal to their better nature of those in rebellion.

 “With Firmness In The Right, As God Gives Us To See The Right”

The Republican Party of Honolulu County Central Committee is a Non-Candidate Pac independent from the Hawaii Republican Party.   Our goals, like Lincoln’s, is to establish a innovative and dynamic political structure to assist in the restoration of both the fortunes of the state of Hawaii and the Republican Party and help to build, for the people of Hawaii  who hold to conservative values, a government of the people by the people and for the people.  

Lincoln payed with his life to bring about what were the values he thought most represented that of the heart of the Republican Party.   If those values are mercy, compassion, commitment and seeking to use the highest moral and ethical standards to govern this great nation…   We feel those are standards worth imitating.