What’s Wrong With Blue State Values?

What’s Wrong With Blue State Values?


it’s not liberal vs conservative values that are in conflict but its common sense and reason vs propaganda and control.  The American Left has developed a systematic method of closing off discussions by attacking the character of their opponents to avoid having to debate and defend the effectiveness of their programs and agenda.

Instead of addressing core social issues such as family breakdown and inadequate education and modeling of life skills, issues with a proven track record of promoting long term happiness and prosperity there is an endless and multipronged emphasis on group (class) identity engineered to divide American’s.

The real class distinction in the US is between the Billionaire Class (and those who agree with their their political/cultural outlook) and the American middle class and its Classic Liberal Values.

There has arisen a powerful amalgamation of special interest groups who’s main goal appears to be the ultimate the destruction of the American middle class for the following intangible reasons:



Blue State values say the climate will change catastrophically, that male and female have no biological differences, that there is always a victims and victimizer to be coddled and/or condemned.  All this in fact is not rationally based on a real concern for the environment, or healthy relations between the sex’s or equal protection under the law.

It’s all about gaining power and control over other people.



Red Sate values hold the preeminence of the Declaration of Independence of the Constitutional government of the people by the people and for the people as essential.

Real conversation and solutions begin when citizens can freely discuss ANY subject in a vigorous but respectful manner.

Debate requires the willingness to listen to ones opponents and the insidious censorship infecting American culture and politics highlights that one side has arbitrarily decided that it has all the answers.

Inquisitions and Maoist style cultural revolutions/censorship have no place in US politics and are at odds with a freedom loving democratic Constitutional republic.

Its the diversity of ideas that undergirds broad-based freedom and prosperity by seeking out and uncovering, through open debate, the best course of action.

Such values means we listen to each other as neighbors and citizen.

No citizen is above or below another but respect is given, as it is and should be given in return.

This is what peaceful and prosperous communities have in common.


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