County Level Party Structures?


One of the benefits of the internet is the ability to examine how things are done in other states and counties across the US.

In Hawaii a great deal of time and effort is spent in re-inventing (or sometimes tearing apart) the wheel of political structure and innovation. Conservatives must use all mean available to generate the grass roots effort required to bring about real change in a state with a long reliance on a mono- party political structure.

To find the way out of this political conundrum people need a chance to try new things and examine new paradigms to reach the discouraged and self-disenfranchised voter. In fact the more dynamic innovation the better since its in the cultural laboratory of trial and error is where advancement takes place.

The Honolulu County Republican Party Central Committee started as a Non-Candidate Pac which was formed in March of 2017 to protect the concept of a financially independent County GOP.

Since then contacts have been made the may prove to be the way forward for the GOP in Hawaii.

One is a fully separate and distinct Honolulu County Republican Party modeled after the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (which hosted the 2016 GOP Convention). The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County is an independent GOP with a well organized and innovative party structure.

They have a innovative method of integrating people into the party and the “central committee” concept for the district leadership resemble more a committee of equals (like the Honolulu Neighborhood Boards) than the outdated precinct chair, vice chair, etc.  model presently used by the GOP in Hawaii

The Cuyahoga County GOP manages their party with only 11 pages of bylaws in a county of 1.4 million compared to the Hawaii State GOP’s having 26 pages of bylaws for a similar state wide population.

The timeless values espoused by the founding of the Republican Party transcend any presuppositions or local traditions and is far more than a sign or street address.

Being prepared to innovate is exactly the opposite of what those in the status quo in Hawaii would want to see happen.   Innovation means breakthrough and this takes a willingness to think outside the box to build the political and cultural infrastructure needed to change Hawaii stratified political landscape.




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