School Choice In Hawaii

Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.


Northwest Ordinance Article: 3


Education as a function to be encourage by government reflected the New England sensibilities of many of the signers of the Northwest Ordinance.  At the time of its passage there were no public schools, as we know it, anywhere in the United States.   Though today the public school system has come to represent the epitome of education in America it does not accurately reflect the purpose of the founders.

That purpose is education and that is unique to each child.

What has been lost and this is what animates the School Choice movement is that the public funding of education represents a commitment to the child not a government agency.

The US school system of tying children to a government school in their zip code is not the standard through much of the western world.   Since the money allocated by county, state or federal agency is done so based on each child, so each child’s parents or guardians should be able to choose the best school possible for the educational needs of that child.

Hawaii is of course failing the school choice scenario on many fronts.  That education is a seven hundred billion dollar industry nationwide assures their will be vested interest in maintaining the status quo regardless of how sound or needed choice in education may be.   Each child deserves the best education possible and if pre-school and college can operate on a free choice basis there is no reason, in the 21st century, K-12 cannot as well.






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