Stress Testing The Constitution

Everyone should remember “stress test” being a term used during the recession of 2008 to confirm the financial strength of various components of the economy.  The same term could be used today as the Democrat party stress-test the strength of our Constitutional boundaries in their faux-impeachment drive.

Make now doubt this is also a test of the Democrat coalition of Academia, Media, The Deep State and the various array of constituency groups to gauge their ability to move outside of Constitutional boundaries Banana Republic style.  Without the pre-positioned help of a compliant media and decades long academic assault and vilification of all things traditional (Judeo-Christian) and non-leftist, there could not have been this ongoing attempt at nullifying the presidential election of 2016.

That the Constitution was set up to thwart just this sort of drive for power and control at any cost should come as no surprise to anyone.   The Founders, observing natural human conduct and gleaning the lessons of history, recognized the limitless extremes people will go to in striving to be at the center of power.   The human need for significance and the fear of the unknown can turn the most mild mannered individuals into raging monsters if this drive is not checked and controlled.

The Democrat party is now in the grip of the great manipulator of fear and hatred that was the bane of the 20th century as Marxist class distinction ( let’s call it what it is) versus Constitutional republic freedom confront each other vying for supremacy.  James Madison declared “If men were angels no government would be necessary” but what can also be said is that government and the power and prestige it carries can just as well make devils out of anyone.


No Leftist change agents ever started out to be monsters.

The National Socialist of Berlin and the International Socialist of Moscow were both once hailed as the vanguard of the people, the most sophisticated among us, the wave of the future before the concentration camps multiplied and human carnage and misery became an ideologically and practical necessity.

Nor does the Democrat majority in Congress or their supporters think they are doing anything wrong because they too consider themselves the “vanguard” of the future.  So what is not acceptable if your Saving the Planet or stopping Trump as the embodiment of Adolf Hitler?

The hypocrisy of comparing Trump’s accused infractions versus the kleptocracy of the Clintons, the open bribery and quid-pro-quo of Joe Biden and the acceptable corruption in the Obama presidency could be laughed off were it not exposing the deep level of ideological and ethical decay within the Democrat party and so much of the nation.

Consider that Trump is most likely the first president in decades who may will leave office with less of a fortune then when he entered, to return to a lifestyle much prefered to the presidency.

And, compare that to the endless machiavellian scheming of the Democrat party with its subjection of Constitutional values via voter manipulation, brazenly seeking to punish the middle class with open border mass migration and societal wide brainwashing with cultural and moral nihilism being pushed in public schools and much of academia.

The world is full of would be dictators and an abundance of failed states.  The miracle of American freedom and prosperity rest on its Constitution and whether it has a population that can still recognize truth from fiction.

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