Democrat: Party of Abuse


Abuse can come in many forms but the most common is the physiological-emotional abuse that may or may not involve actual physical abuse.   Research shows abuse changes the brain in many ways.   The fight or flight response in a relationship situation where there is no escape leads to internalizing the normal human reaction, which leads to further emotional scarring.

The malleability of the human mind to external stimulus, positive and negative can be measured by changes in brain activity.  An abuser never treats the victim in a manner that would be considered optimal for proper mental health.  The victim becomes use to the abuse and for self preservation exhibits behavior remarkable similar to the Stockholm Syndrome.   Even going so far as having a physiological need for the abuser presence and approval.

Anyone who has not experienced or studied abuse finds this hard to believe and were it not for the fact that the exact same sort of physiological-emotional (and sometimes physical abuse) is going on all around us, the issue might have limited importance to public discourse.

It is impossible to look at the modern Democrat Party and not see the same abusive behavior taking place:

        • If you don’t vote Democrat you will die within 10 years from climate change.
        • Contrary to the Declaration of Independence, Democrats now say you must support abortion up to and beyond birth.
        • Your understanding of human gender as male and female is WRONG and the Democrat party will persecute you for dissent.
        • Your nation which has produced the greatest freedom and prosperity in world history is built on lies and slavery.
        • Your skin color make you a perpetual victim or a perpetual abuser.
        • Etc, etc, etc…

Doesn’t this sound like the rhetoric an abuser uses to control an abuse victim?

Of course interspersed (randomly) will be snippets of a more just world or reminders of acts of affection in the past.

(Such as Civil Rights movement in which the Democrat Party played both an impeding and supporting role but now claim as their sole endeavor!)

In this manner the modern Democrat Party uses both threats and reward in a manner remarkable similar to a narcissist who manipulates others for their own gain.

While the far Left on the US mainland is on an abusive rampage not seen in a generations. Hawaii is not unaffected by the same sort of  manipulation for control:

        • The PUC speaks of raising electrical rates while in 2016 they stopped the purchase of HECO by NextEra costing Hawaii business and families BILLIONS in over priced electrical cost.
        • Hawaii Democrats and their incestuous Pay-2-Play (Hui-Development) economic system build luxury high-rises for maximum insider profit but leaves the homeless and working-poor underclass struggling to survive.
        • The RAIL is proving itself a corrupt and massive boondoggle and just another Play-2-Pay money pit.

The loser is the abused people of Hawaii many of whom are Democrat’s who vote out of past affection (the great housing-economic boom of the 60’s and 70’s which put hundreds of thousands into their own homes) voting for yesterdays good times but now their loyalty is taken for granted by the largely immune from accountability political class.

As well is the absent opposition, discouraged and dejected, sometimes ready to “protest” an injustice  but unwilling to do the work of organizing a political fight (a preferred way of settling things compared to the open warfare of the past) to deal with disputes from a position of power not as a supplicant.

Ending Democrat abuse in Hawaii or across the nation is a long and difficult process.   Overcoming the “Flop” aspect of an abuse victims (a sense of resignation to being trapped in unending helplessness)  is as difficult for the public at large as it is for the individual victim.

But recovery (the “Fight Back” aspect long suppressed by hopelessness) empowers individual citizens and creates a more energetic and dynamic cultural-political matrix  promising a better and brighter future for everyone.




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