Red State Values and Mass Migration

Red State Values and Mass Migration


Imagine if the Central American caravans of several thousand people could make it to Hawaii?  How would Mazie Hirono, Brian Schatz, Kai Kahele and Ed Case  defend such a series of events as poorly educated, non-English speaking, mostly young men took up residence.

What would Hawaii families struggling with high housing cost and the Covid devastation of the job market say as long lines of eager immigrant laborers lined up to take whatever jobs and wages they where offered?

How would any local person compete with that?

This is the strange values of the Super Blue State that Hawaii has so far been immune from but who knows for how much longer that will last.

Its not that people aren’t sympathetic to the plight of much of Central America where sheer survival means trying to get daily food for your family.  But, mass migration to the US as a means of political gain does NOT help Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua or anywhere else gain the same leg up that has helped lift much of the world out of poverty over the last few decades.

Red State values means we welcome immigrant’s who want to be part of our community but more importantly as we build a robust prosperous economy we work, diligently, to export that model so others can prosper throughout the America’s and the Pacific.

Such a way of thinking and acting enriches everyone.


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