Who’s Feelings Matter Most? The Equality Act and Socialist Tyranny



In the midst of the ever expanding list of sexual subcultures the Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives proposes the passage of the misnamed Equality Act.  The purpose of this law is to put sexual identity into the same category of protected groups as is race, sex and disability.

Civil Rights Laws which have been reauthorized and expanded since their reenactment in 1964 have, so far, protected groups sharing one common trait.  That trait is they are protected for an immutable characteristic.

Immutable in a manner that one is born black or born a biological female or have an incurable disability.  These immutable factors are what make the persecution or marginalization of the protected class unacceptable and such individuals are true victims suffering wrong for what is an identifiable and immutable characteristic.

Into this era of separate civil right protection Congress makes the hazardous proposal to give separate protection and affirmative action to those in the LGBTQ class who share characteristics that can only be called highly mutable.

Mutable in the fact that the human biological design to procreate underlies all sexual activity and there would be no LGBTQ class were it not for the intensity of human procreative sexuality.

Whether one attributes this intensity to God and/or Nature, no other creature obsesses and seeks sexual gratification as do humans. The human sex drive is constant, not seasonal as are animals.  The arousal level is clearly more intense and nothing in the animal kingdom comes close to human sexuality activity.




Why is human sexuality so intense?

Perhaps the best answer is the human mind.

People alone can visualize the future and clearly understand that heterosexual intercourse leads to procreation.

Imagine if somehow the human sexual drive were decreased by say 25% or more. This would radically change human interaction and the whole basis of world civilization; it would most likely lead to human extinction.

Clearly procreation in humans is immutably tied to the intense feelings of euphoria associated with sexual arousal and climax. When a homosexual man or woman experience the euphoria associated with the procreation process, though as ex-gays have pointed out that it is more like masturbation and brutality compared to normal sex, we often hear that the intensity must correspond to their sexual preference being “right” or the way God made them?

The factors that lead to same-sex attraction, gender dysphoria or other practices may be based on a cognizant choice or constitute a range of subliminal input, yet observation and biology dictates that those in self-identified LGBTQ class are NOT different on a genetic or any inherited characteristic level than anyone else.


Since the LGBTQ class, base their identity on the intense nature of human sexuality’s pro-creation drive the only way they can be identified (if they choose to) as separate from the general population is by affecting mannerism and a sub-culture that promotes a often individually self-created separate identity.

This separate identify, outside of its sexual nature, is like any other social sub-groups such as the dress and habits of a distinct motorcycle club and moves between mutual self-help and fellowship to political activism.   Protecting a class of people who have no inherent distinction from anyone else from arbitrary discrimination claims that can change depending on the idiosyncrasies they choose to publicly affect is a god sent gift to left-wing activist.

In a real sense the difference the Equality Act attempts to affirm is one of emotions since there exist no stable basis to establish class identify.  In other words, in a Virtue Signaling manner those who “feel-good” about LGBTQ mercurial identity want to punish those who “feel-bad” about the LGBTQ behavior and cultural-political impact.



Basing Law on what feels good, presents a monstrous dilemma.   Are the feelings those who feel-bad about the conduct of the protected feel-good class somehow less valid?

The deliberate persecution and attempted marginalization of this feel-bad class of people has been going on for several years giving a glimpse of the type of world those on the political Left are attempting to engineer.

This cynical use of civil rights laws to gain dictatorial power over societies social structures is not done in a manner to right past wrongs or benefit overall social peace but to empower those to whom Thomas Jefferson rightly described:

They think of us as being saddled, as if they were born Booted and Spurred to ride us. To dominate the people. Fueled by corrupt government and abuses of power…

Leftist activism in America centers and on hatred for the United States and the Judeo-Christian system that underpins it.  Destroying the Constitutional foundations and moral structure is a necessary prerequisite to creating the Utopian future leftist religiously seek but can never find.

The Equality Act would put injustice on steroids, there is no judicial bureaucratic tool that is a creation of the left that is not designed to be used against their cultural-political opponents.  Activist will be sent to church’s, schools and every public facility to create whatever discrimination incident desired to use the power of the state to persecute, harass and in the end permanently SILENCE their opposition.

The lust for raw power displayed in the wording of the Trojan Horse Equality Act coupled with the hatred and harassment already experienced by people of faith who refuse to conform to the Leftist Agenda, assures everyone that this Act if signed into law will be weaponized against the American Republic and its foundation in the effort to further usher in a Socialist agenda imposed (as usual) by force and violence.



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