A Thousand Dollars a Mile

There may be a logical reason it took five vehicles and a police escort to sweep the road from Kalaheo High School to Kaneohe Bay Drive.

But it seems unlikely this would be the method used in say Texas when it comes to cleaning the roadways.

There were at least six and possible more workers manning this operation.   Six people at an average hourly wage package of at least $50.00 per hour would be $300.00 per hour minimum to just cover wages.

At 1.5 - 2 hours to unload and operate the bobcat used to sweep the road and an additional hours driving time to and from the base yard would mean this operation (excluding equipment cost, depreciation and maintenance) was starting at just below a $1000.00 .

At a thousand dollars to sweep about a mile of roadway one has the be thankful that our roads are not subject to regular cleaning

Now the workers involved are the least culpable for the number of personal involved and the logistics of this of operation.

But, it does help represent why the cost of living in “paradise” is so high.

The City & County and our elected representatives along with the Hawaii State government cannot indefinitely operate at this level of cost inefficiency.

Market forces will cause such mismanagement to inevitable collapse but until that point is reached there to be a continuous and noticeable degradation of the physical infrastructure of the city and state.

Taking a look at our roads, schools and parks the out of control vagrancy (homelessness) problem along with the buildup of trash and graffiti blighting our roadways and neighborhood illustrates we are already well along in this civic-decay process.

It will be a long hard road to restore the City of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii to efficient management practices and help put in us on track to a more prosperous future for all citizens.

But, it will not just be about political change it will require the direct input of thousands of citizens to restore the City and State physical and political infrastructure to the level of beauty deserving of the natural splendor of these islands.

The City & County along with State workers (and all of Hawaii’s working people) need a government and management philosophy that puts them and their family’s future first.

We need to get the job done as fast and inexpensively as possible with no loop holes, kickbacks or political pay-off so more wealth can stay with those who work the hardest to build it, the working men and women of Hawaii.

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