Hawaii is a state (near nation) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It is and will be, for at least the rest of this century, intrinsically linked to continental support both for its protection and its economy.
We are dependent on the free flow of goods and services via a robust US economy where the trucks roll on schedule and the container ships sail out on a regular basis.

Hawaii as a Red State means:

  • We are absolutely pro-business
  • We have a robust agriculture industry
  • We have low cost and abundant energy
  • We have an education system that works for and respects student and their parents
  • We defend the rights of all individuals based on equal Constitutional protection
  • We have freedom and self control that makes for safe communities and a highly desirable visitor destination
  • We make decision based on common sense and reason not ever changing or frantic ideological demands

We will be listing all the reason along with the ideological threats to Hawaii freedom and economic health that make Hawaii as a Red State so practical and attractive,